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100 Days MV | Chinese Pop Music (English Subtitles) + Movie Trailer | Johnny Lu + Tracy Chou

Fan-made music video trailer contains short scenes from the 2013 romance-comedy movie 100 Days [真愛100天] where a childhood sweetheart returns home to attend his estranged mother’s funeral. The other childhood sweetheart is about to marry his step-brother’s long-time fiancé. In return he does not need to get married within 100 days in order for his deceased mother’s soul to transit on starring Johnny Lu, Tracy Chou, Soda Voyu and Julianne Chu.

Please note that I am NOT making any monetary from this drama MV or any of the videos on my channel.

Please enjoy more of my fan-made videos that available at my channel www.youtube.com/c/yingyang

Nguồn: https://hatdieurangbinhphuoc.com/

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  1. Isaias Rodríguez Parra 8 months ago

    Como me gustan las japonesas y las películas

  2. Zainab Tanveer 8 months ago

    Plz upload thus movie on YouTube plzzzzzz

  3. Fossil Fuel 8 months ago

    Please upload full movie here YouTube

  4. Thamiina Musiime 8 months ago

    I have tried to download the song using tubidy but it has refused what should I do please

  5. Jovelyn Daguison 8 months ago

    Full story of this drama

  6. sreypov ngat៊ 8 months ago

    How can whact this movie?

  7. MaiLove SuJu 8 months ago

    I've been searching for this movie. Still not able to watch it

  8. Jeff Lawrence 8 months ago

    asiancrush does not work!

  9. Neco-Dreco 8 months ago

    It's no were to be found in any online playable website for Asian films and series

  10. lishy tuadles 8 months ago

    Where to see this movie??

  11. Diamond Sa.Azada 8 months ago

    Full movie please..thanks

  12. mary christodoulou 8 months ago

    where can i see the whole movie with sub?? please help me

  13. thinking hat- i'm red 8 months ago

    How to watch this movie online? Im from malaysia.

  14. KOREAN_LOVER_B MIX ! [ The Dreamer ] 8 months ago

    piz guys https://youtu.be/U79PgweHd_o watch my videos I hope u all like my videos and don't forget subscribe our channel I request u all

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