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Extracurricular | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

A seemingly model high school student leads a double life of crime in order to secure a better future for himself. But when his classmates find out, the stakes are raised and his secret grows bigger and bigger—until his mistakes threaten to swallow them whole.

Netflix Original Series EXTRACURRICULAR stars Kim Dong-hee (ITAEWON CLASS), Jung Da-bin (MY SASSY GIRL), Park Ju-hyun (A PIECE OF YOUR MIND), and Nam Yoon-su.

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  1. C. Westhelle 10 months ago

    This show is really good and deserves a second season

  2. C. Westhelle 10 months ago

    WE NEED A SEASON 2!!!!!!

  3. David Johnson 10 months ago

    I don't even like kdrama but this is a good show.

  4. Demonkez Gaming 10 months ago

    I'm on episode 8 of 10 and I'm really enjoying this show.

  5. lorena x 10 months ago

    I’ve just finished the show and ohmygod it’s so crazy i love it

  6. hangsangwithmysadness 10 months ago

    does anyone know the opening song?

  7. You're A Pretty Potato 10 months ago

    Wtf is that cliffhanger ending!! I need to know what happened to them!! Please release if there's a season 2 ASAP! 😭😭😭😭😭

  8. JBazar 10 months ago

    when kdrama and hollywood make a series this is what happen…its a bomb

  9. Geoff Lu 10 months ago

    I want the barking ringtone… who has it?

  10. Kherlen 10 months ago

    Renew it for Season 2 please!

  11. Jeon Jungkook 10 months ago

    I suggest u to see it 100% one of my favorite kdramas👌

  12. hobigf 10 months ago

    this was a great show but Gyuri is an annoying character. If it wasn’t for her jisoo wouldn’t be in any of this situation. people saying she’s girl crush don’t know personal space

  13. Sharifah Amalin 10 months ago

    is it okay for a 16-year-old to watch this??

  14. TLK PRod 10 months ago

    this drama is fking gold. Holy shit I didn't expect much from this, but writing genius, and story keeps you on the edge of your seat whole time. It's so raw is crazy

  15. Emily 10 months ago

    Is this show worth watching?

  16. Park Waken 10 months ago

    We need seson 2 please

  17. Si Cario 10 months ago

    This is the shittiest kdrama i’ve ever seen. Seriously!

  18. nathanael owen 10 months ago

    just watched the first episode and amaze about the story line :O

  19. Thomas Chang 10 months ago

    Why no happy ending?

  20. vhalliza rilia 10 months ago

    pleaseee feed us more with the cast of extracurricular, especially OJI AND BAE GYURI CONTENT. we want them to do JENGGA, COMPLIMENT EACH OTHER, COUCH TALK, BEER PONG GAMES. we'd love to see it. i'll waiting for it.

  21. S•V• T 10 months ago

    과외의 시즌 2를 만들어주세요! 나는 배우와 여배우, 특히 주요 리드를 좋아합니다! 제발! 나는 너희들을 믿고있다! 나는 그것을 좋아한다! 이것은 내가 본 최고의 한국 드라마입니다. 시즌 2를 만들어달라고 부탁합니다! 부디!

  22. Kawaii 365 10 months ago

    The character of gyuri pissed me off… I think she ruined jisoo's life… She has the bad girl behavior… That's how I see… But the acting of donghee is really amazing… I love the kdrama… 4 stars for this… Nabitin ako eh… Hehe

  23. Anna Kim 10 months ago

    Just finished the Ep 10.
    Feeling so sad it's over.
    Every actor's acting was insane. The old man deserves an Oscar. He is superfamous in Korea.
    Judging from the hectic ending, there should be Season 2!
    So the ending is Jisoo and Gyuri could escape..I think Jisoo was giving water to his pet.
    Craving for more! Season 2 please!!

  24. hoshuwu 10 months ago

    This show is like a mix of breaking bad and teotfw

  25. D LS 10 months ago

    The main character's acting is amazing. Every emotion, every breakdown, every mood swing felt like the real thing. I was shocked. Whenever I watch High School dramas I expect some awkwardness, but this was so realistic it was chilling. On top of that, it didn't make teenagers seem innocent. Teenagers can be dark and complicated and even evil at times, and the way the show protrayed that was beautiful. The show's focus on how important it is to have a healthy adult influence during teenage years was refreshing, and it brings to light that support can literally make or break you. This show is not superficial, there are nuances and mental health issues spiraled in with social pressures. It didn't fall into any cliche, and for that, I am thankful. It's refreshingly horrible, in the best way possible. I recommend it to everyone. 10/10, I hope there will be a second season.

  26. ame ametteokki 10 months ago

    Uwwaaaaa i just finished watching this! This is insane there are so metaphors that made me search for it!! Please do recommend me more! What should i watch next? :-)))))

  27. niz Rocker 10 months ago

    Parasite drama version

  28. niz Rocker 10 months ago

    I love this show! It was amazing! Pls pls netflix we need season 2! The hype is real

  29. Lucyl Redula 10 months ago

    Hi. Do you know what game app they’re playing at their ipad or phones? It’s like tsumtsum.

    Maybe you could help me out. 😊

  30. pink pink 10 months ago

    Who's cameback hree after finishing all eps. ? And just wondering how season 2 ?

  31. cha 10 months ago

    I just finished it and now I cant stop thinking about it gdi

  32. Kylie 10 months ago

    What I learned watching every episodes of this drama is at first…

    I thought Jisoo is clever and forward-thinker, but he's not.
    I thought Gyuri is troublesome, but she can be very helpful.
    I thought Minhee is just another stupid teen, but she's strong.
    I thought Kitae is a money-hungry asshole, but he cares for his girlfriend.
    I thought Daeyeol can be pretty nice, but he's more than what I think.

  33. Nelmar Yamar 10 months ago

    Season 2 plsss

  34. lalisa cuddlez 10 months ago


  35. cahyo san 10 months ago

    need season 2 !!!!!!

  36. Carol Zhang 10 months ago

    I like this drama. Damn so many problems

  37. I control the spice 10 months ago

    This shit is so fucking wild and good… Definitely recommend

  38. Wulingqunxia 10 months ago

    Was kinda excited for this show. But it turns out to be quite disappointing. Doesn't make any sense…

  39. Sumayya B 10 months ago

    this show was pure catharsis for me

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