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Lewandowski back to scoring ways as Bayern Munich defeat Union Berlin | 2020 Bundesliga Highlights

Bayern Munich showed no signs of rust following a two-month break due to the coronavirus pandemic as they defeated Union Berlin 2-0 on Sunday.

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Lewandowski back to scoring ways as Bayern Munich defeat Union Berlin 2-0 | FOX SOCCER

FOX Soccer

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  1. FOX Soccer 1 year ago

    Do you think Bayern will hold on to win the Bundesliga table this season?

  2. Scholarly Cat 1 year ago

    Why are they playing at the Etihad?

  3. Bob Abraham 1 year ago

    No shake hand ☹

  4. Shuntian Tan 1 year ago

    Did Robert imitate Jorginho ??? 😂

  5. malik malik 1 year ago

    Why do the stadion have to be empty?just let not to much people in so that they still can keep social distancing

  6. Jesus 1 year ago

    Überhaupt keine Zuschauer. Ich habe nicht gewusst, daß FC Bayern in die Bezirksliga abgestiegen ist.

  7. Ernest Gyolchyan 1 year ago

    muller shouldnt hve touched it

  8. Dat Indonesian Boi 1 year ago

    1:58 dive

  9. haikal official 1 year ago

    Robert Lewandowski scored the opening goal of the match, handing his side a 1-0 lead. In the second half, Benjamin Pavard netted a stunning goal in the 80th minute to seal it for Bayern Munich.


  10. nyu98 1 year ago

    This sounds like golf commentary…

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  12. Rhenald Armand 1 year ago

    Hi guys i play piano cover Lany "good guys" (new song) Take a look at my channel🙌 hope you like it thank you:) btw LOVED german soccer backk♡

  13. SoggyWaffles24 1 year ago

    It’s pronounced Bayern Mewn-ic not Mun-chin

  14. Darin Martin 1 year ago

    Glad he cant make tiktoks any more

  15. nagual384 1 year ago

    Hey, I can't watch this without the most important aspect of football which is fans. This looks like training. The new normal sucks all the way!

  16. Mizer 7 1 year ago

    I thought Bayern signed a contract with tiktok

  17. Mario Sanders 1 year ago

    Much better highlights FOX. I hope y'all take a permanent break from that other highlights you put up with voice-over commentary and annoying music .

  18. Akeem RW Ross 1 year ago

    Send me some money and finance all the non Bias non Racist Germanic inhabitants think kitty Core is mmmm I mean mmm forgive me too her parents all the cute German girl if you feel you cute conversation is appreciated https://youtu.be/P800UWoE9xs hopefully all is well in Munich and Germany amen …👽AKEEM👽 goals in Both games back in the Canadian ⚽fields a few assist and a couple saves the goalies or net minders got the most important position but if the team loses you do want to be the goal minder that was in net no I in team everyone plays there part in a win or a loss I rather win then loses however thank you Germany for Monty Bake house chicken fajitas still too this day one of the best things I've ever been fortunate too have bring them too Canada talking 🌎🌍🌏 Expansion anyway Akeem need 💸💶💶💵💶💶💸 as well if the Education and ice hockey and accommodations are free and it's among Bias good Germanic people that speak and know English forgive me holla at me lol amen Ak3💻3m hope Jesse is okay l😀l

  19. Mr Humble 1 year ago

    How are you son stupid to say the Football Var doesn’t work

  20. Mungo Jerrymungo 1 year ago

    lewa is just unstoppable what a legend

  21. Montreal Canadiens 1 year ago

    For me ist that no goal he stoped

  22. Jakob 1 year ago

    Is that the same Pavard who had that wonder goal in the world cup?

  23. Samuel Watson 1 year ago

    They're like playing in an abondoned stadium

  24. Boss 999 1 year ago

    So sad ,no fans

  25. Kwaku Akyeampong 1 year ago

    It's just me but when there is no fans it feels like a training match.

  26. Thomas Hicks 1 year ago

    Thanks so much for the highlights and without background music which is my preference. Be well.

  27. Matt Rodriguez 1 year ago

    Im a new fan to European soccer, kinda disappointing not hearing the amazing chants but its still a quality product

  28. Risky Azriandhy 1 year ago

    I wanna buy the white jersey of bayern munich

  29. Ranggi Ramadhan 1 year ago

    1:49 Subotic fault
    2:07 GOAL Lewandowski
    3:11 GOAL Pavard

  30. AndresGK 1 year ago

    View my video fam keeper

  31. Thomas Vo 1 year ago

    The goalkeeper looks like he’s out of shape

  32. BorrussiaCore Futbol TV 1 year ago

    https://youtu.be/Xxx9V_rtIpU and

  33. Patricia Hartley 1 year ago

    That curve ball though…

  34. The Goat 1 year ago

    That pen was such a flop

  35. Nathan Jacobson 1 year ago

    Now I know what it feels like to watch a women's match.

  36. Bryson Frank 1 year ago

    For offside, do you have to be behind your teammate-who-has-possession’s closest to goal body part or behind the ball?

  37. Money Maker 1 year ago

    Some getting coronavirus from here will cancel bundles liga for 1 year surely 🤪🤪🤪

  38. Dessi Paris3 1 year ago

    Who. Is the better player

  39. I AM PAIN 1 year ago

    So awkward lol

  40. Cole Scrubs 1 year ago

    Alright let’s relax it was a penalty

  41. Small T 1 year ago

    Thought this was the 3. Liga with all the seats empty

  42. Burru2000 1 year ago

    I need the crowd to enjoy the game

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