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Recode's Kara Swisher on Elon Musk's threat to move Tesla's headquarters

Recode’s Kara Swisher joins “Squawk Alley” to discuss Elon Musk’s push to reopen its Alameda County facility.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin backed Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Monday, telling CNBC that California should help the company reopen its plant there amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I agree with Elon Musk. He’s one of the biggest employers and manufacturers in California, and California should prioritize doing whatever they need to do to solve those health issues so that he can open quickly and safely,” Mnuchin said on “Squawk on the Street.”

Tesla’s Fremont, California, plant has been closed since March 23 due to shelter-in-place orders, but the company is pushing to resume production. A rush to return has been met with heavy resistance from local authorities. Musk threatened Saturday to pull Tesla out of California amid a dispute with Alameda County over the shutdown. Tesla also filed a lawsuit against the county, asking a federal court to invalidate orders by local authorities that have prevented the automaker from resuming production.

“They’re going to find that if he’s threatened he’s going to move his production to a different state,” Mnuchin said.

Scott Haggerty, supervisor for the Fremont district of Alameda County, told the New York Times on Saturday that the county and Tesla executives were working on a plan to restart the plant May 18, when several automakers in Michigan plan to reopen. But Musk pushed for an earlier date.

Tesla said its Fremont factory is critical national infrastructure and that it falls under Gov. Gavin Newsom’s essential workforce guidelines. It also released a list of safety and health protocols that it would follow while working during the pandemic.

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  1. aaronseeker 8 months ago

    These ppls are stupid .

  2. The Observer 8 months ago

    You talking about "damaged credibility" when you don't even have any is ridiculous!

  3. Logan YouTube 8 months ago


  4. Joseph Durkin 8 months ago

    Elon musk owns Tesla not just the CEO… This girl is stupid

  5. Earl P. 8 months ago

    so i search this lady because she interviewed Elon before and sounded stupid and doesn't really listen, wow – she talks like she is an expert here.

    No wonder media gets a bad rep. Here is her interview in 2018 and she how dumb she is.


  6. Nick Evertsen 8 months ago

    Kara Swisher? If you've never heard her crash and burn at actually talking to Elon in person, here's your chance. Comical you would her in front of a camera offering commentary.

  7. Joe Part 8 months ago

    She’s just awful

  8. Yorki Escobar 8 months ago

    Is she high as a kite? Why is she wearing those shades indoors

  9. slovokia 8 months ago

    Elon is kind of like the Trump of technology but with more innovation, substance and competence. But unhinged and unstable nonetheless.

  10. Javed R G 8 months ago

    They are asking someone who hasn’t been paying attention to his tweets 😀

  11. SiLeNT xGuRu 8 months ago

    Tonight, with Jim Carrey, we will discuss Elon Musk.

  12. Peter S 8 months ago

    Any idea why she is wearing sunglasses? So odd….

  13. William Wood 8 months ago

    Who is this lady 😅😅

  14. Linda S. Payne 8 months ago

    Not a clue as to who this woman is….his sister? Wife? What difference does what she thinks…

  15. Three Putt Bogeys 8 months ago

    I’ve met Kara Swisher in person. Equally as unpleasant as on TV.

  16. Mark Orcutt 8 months ago

    Did she infer that Tesla did not issue safety plans and a ventilator shift? Where is she getting her information?

  17. Marc Light 8 months ago

    Overwhelmingly Thumbs Down

  18. Daes B 8 months ago

    She must have got high, & forgot she had an interview. Lmao 😂 😂
    Just a weirdo with sunglasses on indoors 😆

  19. Steven Blyth 8 months ago

    There’s literally zero information in this interview.

  20. Michele M 8 months ago

    Kara hates "cis white males". Despite having ZERO knowledge on the topic, this illiberal didn't want to miss a chance to kick someone while they are down with their hands tied by despotic public officials.

  21. Michele M 8 months ago

    Kara is pure CRINGE. She is not a subject matter expert. Nothing but a useless & divisive authoritarian with no grasp on reality.

  22. Jeremy link 8 months ago

    #dont support CNBC

  23. Hans Maske 8 months ago

    Take of the sunglasses when you speak to us.

  24. Mark Plott 8 months ago

    What wrong with Kara Swisher ? WHO wears SUNGLASSES inside ?
    Kara is a Psychopath.

  25. Eric Biedenbach 8 months ago

    If you listen to elon musk he was telling the truth

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