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She's marrying someone else tomorrow…but first, forbidden feelings | Taiwanese Drama | 100 Days

glorious smooch @ 4:18
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About ‘100 Days’ 真愛100天
When a successful executive returns to his rural hometown for his mother’s funeral, he learns that his father expects him to marry within 100 days to ensure safe passage for his mother’s soul.

Akira Chen
Tracy Chou
Julianne Chu
Johnny Lu

Henry Chan

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100 Days 真愛100天 | AsianCrush


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  1. Laureen Stafford 9 months ago


    I shook my head. 'Nope.'

  2. Kehsihba Arseb 9 months ago

    "What do u want"… Ask n it shall b given😁

  3. Gil Love 9 months ago

    Yes, I hate this cheap adulation of a woman's infidelity in K-Dramas. Such a double standard. If a guy cheat, he's an asshole. If a woman cheats, she is just finding herself. Bull and fake art. This is praising a slut as a hero.

  4. Sajal Pradhan 9 months ago

    I want to have this title maker’s confidence in life.

  5. Chimgee Saran 9 months ago

    That movie is just like it alright this is love k-drama in my opinion you guys what do u think?

  6. Bobbie Mikkelsen 9 months ago


  7. d mora 9 months ago

    Johnny Lu '100 Days' link above choose "Stream on the Web" to watch this movie.

  8. Priya Roopun 9 months ago

    Please can someone tell me the movie name. Thanks to revert back 😉

  9. Bok LineArt 9 months ago

    No wonder the accent is different..

  10. Sary Christiana Michaelyn Lingling 9 months ago

    What is teh title of the name drama please??

  11. Cheesy Studio 9 months ago

    Bro I wish I see Taiwanese drama about shrek dancing on the grave of chiang kai shrek

  12. Estrella Del Rosario 9 months ago

    What is the title of this drama? Is it with English translation?

  13. Ika 9 months ago

    Love ❤️❤️

  14. ni ni 9 months ago

    His jaw was sharp af when they were kissing 😭😍😍

  15. JennT WithLove 9 months ago

    Good reason why I've not watched any TW drama…. Super fake….
    Not that I watch any of my local channels too….
    Try that, you'll be with dementia sooner than u realise it….

  16. raspberry nov 9 months ago

    Beautiful place, where is that

  17. juztin a 9 months ago

    when both guy are handsome.. choose the one with better skill xd

  18. La luna 9 months ago

    has anyone been able to watch this and other movies on AsianCrush. Been an absolute royal pain !!!!

  19. CassAmaii 9 months ago

    is that Charles from KIN?

  20. Kevin Lor 9 months ago

    Anyone knows the name of the ending song to this movie? play during the credits

  21. elnora yu 9 months ago

    Where can i watch this movie for free guys?

  22. aurora. 9 months ago

    but first

    G L O R I O U S S M O O C H

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