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T-ara(티아라) _ Lovey-Dovey(러비더비) MV(Full ver,)

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The music video for “Lovey-Dovey” is the follow-up drama version for the music video of “Cry Cry”, starring Cha Seung-Won, Ji Chang-Wook, Jiyeon, Qri, Eunjung and Hyomin in the 22 mins long video. The music video also features the duet song with Davichi “We were in love”, making the death of Cha Seung-Won and Jiyeon even more tragic.
“Lovey-Dovey” was composed by Shinsa Dong Tiger and Choi Gyu-Sung. It is a club style music with electronic sounds and strong beats and the members are expected to present shuffle dance to the music.

ティアラ(T-ARA)_ ラビダビ(Lovey-Dovey)MV
「ラビダビ」のミュージックビデオは、「Cry Cry(クライクライ)」のドラマバージョン・ミュージックビデオの続編で、チャ・スンウォン、チ・チャンウク、ジヨン、キュリ、ウンジョン、ヒョミンが熱演した22分間のミュージックビデオだ。ミュージックビデオに挿入されているダビチとのデュエット曲「私たち愛してたじゃない」は チャ・スンウォンとジヨンの死をさらに悲しくする。

‘러비더비’ 뮤직비디오는 ‘Cry Cry(크라이크라이)’ 드라마 버전 뮤직비디오의 후속편으로 차승원, 지창욱, 지연, 큐리, 은정, 효민이 열연을 펼친 22분 분량의 뮤직비디오이다. 뮤직비디오 속에는 다비치와의 듀엣곡 ‘우리 사랑했잖아’도 삽입돼 차승원과 지연의 죽음을 한층 더 슬프게 만든다.
‘러비더비’는 유명 작곡가 신사동호랭이와 최규성 작곡가가 함께 호흡을 맞추었고, 일렉트로닉 사운드와 강한 비트가 가미된 클럽풍의 음악이며, 셔플댄스 안무를 선보일 예정이다.

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  1. 왜구러냠 11 months ago

    지연역할 지연이가 계속하거나 은정이 저 역할했어야지 참….나

  2. Bu Rutin. 11 months ago

    Ji chang wook bad boy

  3. 커크해밋 11 months ago

    80년생 아재인데 10년간 가요안듣다가…투애니원 듣고 충격받았는뎅 이건 또…충격이네.

  4. homa taha 11 months ago

    I can not see ji chang wook die

  5. Guiran Li 11 months ago

    如此狗血的剧情 但我还是流泪了

  6. 仟林 11 months ago

    Please bring back the meaningful kpop

  7. Miiu 11 months ago

    2020 xem lại video vẫn đỉnh cao

  8. Thy Truong 11 months ago

  9. MZNO 11 months ago

    Queens, now that T-ara channel ended up being not the official and it's gone, where is it better to str3am? MBK or 1thek? I just want the girls to receive fair royalties

  10. 노현민 11 months ago

    2020년 6월에 보고잇음~

  11. Natasha Judielle 11 months ago

    2020 anybody?

  12. Nga Nguyenthi 11 months ago


  13. Minh Tú 11 months ago

    I love you t ara

  14. 다시보고또보고또보고또보자 11 months ago

    아니 이거 막장인데 왤케 고컬이고 재밌는고야 ..

  15. athliex yes 11 months ago

    It is crazy how I got here after all of these years … I still love them so mush ): I'm a fan of kpop for almost 12 years! Nowadays I can't found anybody that I can share these beautiful memories with, which is very hard and painful.

  16. Ai Ki 11 months ago

    WARNING! LONG COMMENT AHEAD! So this is the whole story based on ny understanding. Kindly correct me if I'm wrong.

    This storyline starts with the Cry Cry MV. Ahjussi is an assassin & criminal tracker. He accidentally killed one target thinking he'll get a gun only to find out that he's trying to comfort his daughter hiding under the table. He later on adopted the daughter(Ji Yeon) which has blurred memory of her father's killer. They now both hunt for wanted criminals. Ahjussi come across Ji Chan Wook who is also a wanted criminal and knows about Ji Yeon's father's case. Ahjussi tried to hide it from Ji Yeon because he doesn't want to let Ji Yeon know he killed her father. But Ji Yeon hunted him herself when she accidentally ran into him in a shop but got kidnapped. Ji Chan Wook later on told Ji Yeon the truth about her father's killer. He released Ji Yeon and made her lure Ahjussi in a warehouse where she was supposed to kill ahjussi but shot Ji Chan Wook instead. Ji Chan Wook managed to shoot ahjussi. He brougjt Ji Yeon with him and left ahjussi wounded because the police already arrived. This is where the "Lovey Dovey MV" comes in. Ji Chan Wook abandoned wounded Ji Yeon in the streets but got rescued by Eun Jung and helped her get a plastic surgery so Ahjussi and Ji Chan Wook will not recognize her thats why she now became QRI. Ahjussi didn't recognized QRI/JiYeon when she and Eun Jung went to eat at Ahjussi's food stall but had the vibe that she and Ji Yeon acts the same. Eun Jung wrote her number in the table of Ahjussi's food stall. QRI and Eun Jung steal valuables from drunk rich people at bars. Ji Chan Wook indeed didn't recognized her when she ran into him in the bar. But QRI and Eun Jung made a mistake by taking a bag full of drugs which they thought is full of money. Eun Jung went to return the drugs but got abducted by Ji Chan Wook instead. QRI came to rescue Eun Jung remembering the past where Eun Jung saved her after Ji Chan Wook dumped her to die. That's when Ahjussi realized that QRI used to be Ji Yeon whom he took care. He called the number Eun Jung wrote on the table which is very timely because the two girls are in danger. Ahjussi went to rescue them but got shot by Ji Chan Wook in the chest. Ahjussi manged to kill Ji Chan Wook. QRI/Ji Yeon wants to bring Ahjussi to the hospital but he passed away even before arriving. She drove straight to the sea instead with the dead Ahjussi on her side which killed her.

  17. 손마담 11 months ago

    나으 사랑 효민

  18. Music The Best 11 months ago

    No zombies.

  19. 김승민 11 months ago

    아니 솔직히 뮤비너무좋은대 노래랑 너무안어울리잖아 크라이크라이하나로끝내지

  20. Phan Dung 11 months ago

    This Mv make me cry anytime i saw it again 🙁

  21. FC바로쌀려나 11 months ago

    포장마차 주인이 필요 이상으로 잘생길 수 있다 치자 근데 장사하는 유니폼이 넘 튀는거 아니냐?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  22. Lam Cao 11 months ago

    8 năm trc mà h t mới coi

  23. blackvelvet *** 11 months ago


  24. Giàu Nguyễn 11 months ago

    24/5/2020 😭😭

  25. Nobody Nobody 11 months ago

    Cry Cry + Lovey-Dovey , one of the best short films to exist for a music video!

  26. SUNGHO YOU 11 months ago

    걸그룹 최강자들의 뮤비 실화냐? ㄹㅇ 가슴이 웅장해진다..

  27. 방통사원 11 months ago

    마지막에 감독 차은택… 설마설마했는데 ㅋㅋㅋ 재능 하나는 인정

  28. 부남혁 11 months ago

    포차 주인이 너무 멋지잖아

  29. JYC POP 11 months ago

    2020 Quarantined

  30. 임근암 11 months ago


  31. Cindy Llacuna 11 months ago

    T-ara is legendary kpop girl group

  32. Thỏ Hêu 11 months ago

    xem vẫn lôi cuốn như ban đầu 19/5/2020

  33. Ebby F 11 months ago

    padahal dulu suka bgt sm T-Ara kesini lagi krn ada ji chang wook

  34. 김에엑 11 months ago

    이거 보고 아빠한태 맨날 아저씨 ! 라면에 계란 이랬다가 쌍욕먹음

  35. 진유인 11 months ago

    9:28 이 뮤비의 킬포

  36. AIKKEW Na Sky 11 months ago


  37. Feroza Juno 11 months ago

    I need fanfic for this storyline.

  38. Love Angel _vmin 11 months ago

    This just popup in my mv list and it's so amazing, i don't know mv like this ever exist in K-pop industries.. i will see all the series.. T-ARA 💜 5/2020

  39. 송경순 11 months ago

    조아라 김진호 사랑해

  40. Andrew Blake 11 months ago

    Jiyeon acting never disapointing

  41. Duckzsengal Duckzsengal 11 months ago

    Qri reaaally look like anime boy 😆😆😆😆 aigoooo I'm here again.. After so many years 🥴🥴

  42. sondess R 11 months ago

    When kpop mvs where literally short movies 😂❤️ aayy loved this

  43. 만세순 11 months ago

    20년 5월입니다 저시절이 그리워서 노래 찾아듣고 있네요 ㅜㅠ

  44. ᅵᆞ 11 months ago

    40대에서50대에가는 내가 걸그룹노래를 듣게될줄이야!티아라대단하다!♥♥♥

  45. 상큼발랄 11 months ago

    결론 다 디진다

  46. 8067오케이 11 months ago

    지금 봐도 명곡 명뮤비 네요
    지연님이 연기 잘하네요

  47. ilhamaya 11 months ago

    Watching this in 05/2020

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