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Tsutomu and Mai kissing – Lover In Law (English Dubbed)

Tsutomu and Mai hooking up after she gets drunk for her husband not returning to work. Oh yeah this is also English dubbed lol.

Original Japanese version:

Anime: Lover In Law (Aniyome wa Ijippari/兄嫁はいじっぱり) [Also a hentai anime (eroanime, anime porn, 18+ animation)]

Original Release dates: 2008-04-18 to 2008-06-20 [2 episodes]

Japanese cast: Hikaru Isshiki as Kozue Takama
Kakeru Shiroki as Tsutomu Katsuragi

English Cast: Ileana Castro as Mai Katsuragi
Pat Arbu as Tsutomu Katsuragi

Released both subbed and dubbed by Kitty Media on DVD, on February 2009.

Distributor: Kitty Media
Licensed by: Media Blasters

#Anime #Kiss #Romance

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  1. Ezra Wyvern 7 months ago

    A rather well-written scene in a hentai that makes adultery sympathetic. Who would've thought?

  2. Juho Gacha / Speed Painter! 7 months ago

    Lowkey not tryna be rude but- THAT ACTING THO XD

  3. Niwsar Lahad 7 months ago

    Where do I get to watch it

  4. master ui goku 7 months ago

    Dam making moves

  5. J H 7 months ago

    Hentai is art !

  6. AMF The Hedgehog 7 months ago


  7. Phoenix warrior king 7 months ago

    Disturbing on YouTube, not on PH tho

  8. Christian Rivera 7 months ago

    This scene is very heartwarming that i love it.

  9. theLuffi nater 7 months ago

    My favorite hentai

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